DragonDePoche- The Revolt of the Trolls

The conspiration exposed

Episode 5: Where Trolls wrestle in the mud

Final Act.

Coming back from the Forest, Pinky and Derek discovered that the house of Cale's grandmother was empty. Cale came to , and learned that militia arrested her, she also found a coded message offering to trade her for the staff.

In the same time Anarina talked to Anabella on the caravan, and the warned her about the mandragores, and the secret origin of species.

Finally all the actors gathered in town, all the delegations were gathering in the inner city. The Gnomes and their leader Randalf mayor of the 7th hills city, some sparse humans from the caravans were invited, the Goliaths and the great priest Malachite in a char, the Trolls raiders and Derek Barca their Khan established a camp with tippy and their aurochs. All there for the peace ceremony the next day.

During the night, Cale asked help to find and free her grandmother, she had the map of the underground if the palace. Derek the troll used the magic of invisibility to go scout for passages in the inner city to the palace. He found a too high window and a water drainage but couldn't pass the bars, so he went back.

On the way back to the plaza, still invisible, the troll saw a large figure exiting a tent, smelling the air and saying : " I would recognize this odor among all". This was Derek Barca's image, the copy made from the seed that replaced him. The troll charged at feet and tackle the invisible troll in the middle of the animal's circle, both falling in the mud. Then proceeded to beat him up to unconscious.

The heroes heard the fight and came to the scene a bit later, when the body of Derek was pulled by Barca among other trolls. Pimky threw the water to the troll standing up, and his skin started to dissolve, they claimed that the troll was an imposter, and got their real Khan to stand up. All hide in a tent for the night.

Later that night, Anarina and Cale sneaked in the palace and avoided patrols. They found the way to the underground and a room with private quarters. When exploring the room where the grandmother was, the doors closed and they were trapped and had to beat up 2 guards  to free themselves. Once safe they exflitrated the parent.

The day of the ceremony, they hide in the troll delegation, and gave to Derek the staff and a special mechanical water spray invented by Pimky. In the center of the palace court was a stage with chairs. Trajan the high lord of the Sidhe and the Justice adjudicator came first, and one by one the leaders of each race were called to swear allegiance. Randalf, Malachite, Barca.  When the troll came, he stand in front of the high lord and hold the staff, then try to touch him with it. The Adjudicator tried to intercept it and kill Barca and wound him, but the staff did touch Trajan, and he collapsed for some time. The fight broke up. Around Trajan, to protect him were Malachite throwing flamed spells and the justice adjudicator sword in hand. Cale and Anarinia were shooting at the Justice Adjudicator, Pimky was blocking the guards trying to explain.Then Trajan stood up, turning back into a Mandragore root creature.

At the end, Malachite was put down, Barca almost died, a bolt killed the Justice adjudicator in the eye of his mask. And Trajan was sprayed with the water and died dissolved.

The crowd was calmed down by Pimky, who helped Randalf and Anabella to come back on the stage and clarify the situation.

Later they discovered that under his mask the Adjudicator was not a Sidhe, but an Human. As per Annabella, he was on one of the fist boats to leave the continent to this place. Finally they also found in the jails the original Grand Master Flash that was kept prisonner.


The End.


 Secret for Anarina: Tale from Annabella


In the caravan of the human Gipsies. Annabella, the oldest witch talked to you. She told you “there is another story you should know before taking side. The persons in this land forgot, but we still remember our parents. They raised us, Humans and Ulfurs. Believe it or not, they made us from monkeys, and Ulfurs from dogs. But they abandoned their other children in this continent. We protected them in Cleveland, and they will protect us here. Here they called them Mandragores, we call them the Sowers


Secret for Cale : Cale’s Grandmother Tomelsa

After escaping the Central tower of the Sidhe palace, Cale hide with the help of thieves guild. But you quickly heard that a bounty was on your head. You had to escape from other guild members hunting for you.

Then you learned that some of your family has just been arrested by the justice adjudicator. Your Grandmother was taken to the prison below the palace.

Secret : The sculptures on the city of the Mandragores

On the stone carvings of the city, close to the shrine where the staff was, you checked the story in the sculpture. They are two groups of Mandragores creatures, the ones with the trees, and the ones deviant symbioting with mammals. 

The second group was cursed using the staff, then sent away with only two pets, a dog and a monkey.



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