Derek Barca

Troll and Khan of the free tribes


Pushed out of their ancestral lands by the populous civilized races, the nomadic Trolls united themselves to push back. Derek lead their charge against the closest city of the Gnomes, 7th Hills.

During the battle, Derek fought Grison, the Prince Dauphin of the Goliaths, and defeated him.
But was captured by the Sidhe reinforcement troops.
The High Lord of the Shide, Trajan asked for it’s death, but the Lord Quartz of the Goliath asked for a trial by it’s people, after the mourning for the death of Grison is ended.
The Grand Master Flash offered to turn Derek into an animal in the meantime, but instead the Justice Adjudicator cut one of his handlers.

Derek was prisoner, and sent to the Krak of the Goliaths for jugement.


Derek Barca

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