DragonDePoche- The Revolt of the Trolls

The journey to the Krak

Episode 1 : where the prisoner has to be transported

The night of the battle, the victors had a parade in the city.

The soldiers walked in the streets, the leaders opening the way in a carriage with the Sidhe High Lord.  A procession carrying the body of Grison the Goliath Dauphin Prince, and a line of trolls prisoners chained with Barca their Khan.

Once arrived in a luxurious Sidhe embassy villa, a party took place, each told stories of the battle.

  • How Pinkie and the gnome cannon shoot on the Trolls charging.
  • How the human archer … shot the Trolls and the mount of Barca.
  • How the GrandMaster Flash saved the life of the High Lord.
  • How Barca and Grison fought and Grison lost.

Then the chained prisoner was brought in the middle of the scene, and the High Lord asked the Justice Adjudicator to kill him as punishment of crime against the Civilized world.

However Lord Quarts interjected that the Troll Khan should be judge by the Goliath, as he killed their Prince. And requested the prisoner to be brought to the Krak of the Goliath to wait for the end of the mourning period before being judged. As an example was requested, GrandMaster flash offered to turn the troll into an Auroch, or an animal, but instead the Justice Adjudicator stand up and cut a handler of the Troll.

A party of 3 was designated to carry the prisoner to the Krak of the Goliaths, and a laissez-passer document was issues, as the destination is a Sanctuary. The Guards will be of all races : GrandMaster Flash the Sidhe, Pinkie the Gnome, … the human.

The next morning they took a cart and left for the North-East for their journey. 




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