DragonDePoche- The Revolt of the Trolls

Long rest in the Caravan

Episode 3 : Where we learned that trolls can dance

After flying from the Krak of the goliath, and the heterogeneous group with a fugitive Troll, decided to stay away from the main cities.

Going North, they found a caravan of Humans Gypsies led by Annabella, and old witch from the continent of Lost Cleveland. After observing them around their campfire, Cale reported that they were not dangerous, and Anarinia convinced them to accept them. Pinkie showed then fireworks  powders in the fire, and Derek danced for them. Once the ice was broken, they mangled.

For several weeks they stayed with them, traveling north, participated to the rehearsals, getting costumes, and acting on the stage for the representations on the villages and fairs.

They learned that this family of humans came from the other continent "Lost Cleveland" that sunk, and they came here in their boats. Then build their colorful carts and caravan with the wood of the boats and the sails. 


System :

As the players did a "long rest" while in the caravan, they all got advancement.

But in the same time the adversity progressed :







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