The game

A continent with a few countries,  and a recent war between the Trolls and the Civilized races. Will the Heroes be able to become famous and solve the aftermath who are happening after the last battle of the the war.

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The system : Dragon de Poche 2 

Literally "Pocket Dragon" second edition. French game from John Grumph, available in PDF or print on

This is a light adventure game, inspired from DnD, quick and small enough to fit in your pocket with 3d6 and allowing you to play anywhere.

An Universe to build

Starting from a blank page, we will start with some ideas, then build on, involving the players and the Gm's ideas.

We also have a great blank map from Rama-Palmer that we will populate on the go.

The style and technology will be more antique and bronze age than high medieval. Some races may be close to the celts in nature. While the largest cities will be in the roman style.

Races :

  • Civilized united around the High Lord

    • Sidhes (Aristocrats tall faes)
    • Gnomes (korrigans artisans and farmers)
    • Goliaths (Stone skin big guys)
    • Humans (Gypsies refugees from a flooded continent)


  • Barbarians

    • Trolls (hordes from the plains mounted on aurochs)
    • Gobelins (Chafouin / cat like creatures)


  • Wild

    • Mandragore (tree like creatures)
    • Ulfurs (possibly large dogs like creatured, to be decided)

Classes :

  • Chaplain (priest/shaman)
  • Scrounger (thief/assassin)
  • Knight (fighter/soldiers)
  • Bewitcher (mage/witch)
  • Hunter (scout/druid) 


Character sheets translated in english.

DragonDePoche- The Revolt of the Trolls

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