DragonDePoche- The Revolt of the Trolls

The conspiration exposed
Episode 5: Where Trolls wrestle in the mud

Final Act.

Coming back from the Forest, Pinky and Derek discovered that the house of Cale's grandmother was empty. Cale came to , and learned that militia arrested her, she also found a coded message offering to trade her for the staff.

In the same time Anarina talked to Anabella on the caravan, and the warned her about the mandragores, and the secret origin of species.

Finally all the actors gathered in town, all the delegations were gathering in the inner city. The Gnomes and their leader Randalf mayor of the 7th hills city, some sparse humans from the caravans were invited, the Goliaths and the great priest Malachite in a char, the Trolls raiders and Derek Barca their Khan established a camp with tippy and their aurochs. All there for the peace ceremony the next day.

During the night, Cale asked help to find and free her grandmother, she had the map of the underground if the palace. Derek the troll used the magic of invisibility to go scout for passages in the inner city to the palace. He found a too high window and a water drainage but couldn't pass the bars, so he went back.

On the way back to the plaza, still invisible, the troll saw a large figure exiting a tent, smelling the air and saying : " I would recognize this odor among all". This was Derek Barca's image, the copy made from the seed that replaced him. The troll charged at feet and tackle the invisible troll in the middle of the animal's circle, both falling in the mud. Then proceeded to beat him up to unconscious.

The heroes heard the fight and came to the scene a bit later, when the body of Derek was pulled by Barca among other trolls. Pimky threw the water to the troll standing up, and his skin started to dissolve, they claimed that the troll was an imposter, and got their real Khan to stand up. All hide in a tent for the night.

Later that night, Anarina and Cale sneaked in the palace and avoided patrols. They found the way to the underground and a room with private quarters. When exploring the room where the grandmother was, the doors closed and they were trapped and had to beat up 2 guards  to free themselves. Once safe they exflitrated the parent.

The day of the ceremony, they hide in the troll delegation, and gave to Derek the staff and a special mechanical water spray invented by Pimky. In the center of the palace court was a stage with chairs. Trajan the high lord of the Sidhe and the Justice adjudicator came first, and one by one the leaders of each race were called to swear allegiance. Randalf, Malachite, Barca.  When the troll came, he stand in front of the high lord and hold the staff, then try to touch him with it. The Adjudicator tried to intercept it and kill Barca and wound him, but the staff did touch Trajan, and he collapsed for some time. The fight broke up. Around Trajan, to protect him were Malachite throwing flamed spells and the justice adjudicator sword in hand. Cale and Anarinia were shooting at the Justice Adjudicator, Pimky was blocking the guards trying to explain.Then Trajan stood up, turning back into a Mandragore root creature.

At the end, Malachite was put down, Barca almost died, a bolt killed the Justice adjudicator in the eye of his mask. And Trajan was sprayed with the water and died dissolved.

The crowd was calmed down by Pimky, who helped Randalf and Anabella to come back on the stage and clarify the situation.

Later they discovered that under his mask the Adjudicator was not a Sidhe, but an Human. As per Annabella, he was on one of the fist boats to leave the continent to this place. Finally they also found in the jails the original Grand Master Flash that was kept prisonner.


The End.


 Secret for Anarina: Tale from Annabella


In the caravan of the human Gipsies. Annabella, the oldest witch talked to you. She told you “there is another story you should know before taking side. The persons in this land forgot, but we still remember our parents. They raised us, Humans and Ulfurs. Believe it or not, they made us from monkeys, and Ulfurs from dogs. But they abandoned their other children in this continent. We protected them in Cleveland, and they will protect us here. Here they called them Mandragores, we call them the Sowers


Secret for Cale : Cale’s Grandmother Tomelsa

After escaping the Central tower of the Sidhe palace, Cale hide with the help of thieves guild. But you quickly heard that a bounty was on your head. You had to escape from other guild members hunting for you.

Then you learned that some of your family has just been arrested by the justice adjudicator. Your Grandmother was taken to the prison below the palace.

Secret : The sculptures on the city of the Mandragores

On the stone carvings of the city, close to the shrine where the staff was, you checked the story in the sculpture. They are two groups of Mandragores creatures, the ones with the trees, and the ones deviant symbioting with mammals. 

The second group was cursed using the staff, then sent away with only two pets, a dog and a monkey.

In the Mandragore's forest
Episode 4: Where Old friends are not what they look like

While Anarina and the caravan of humans stayed in the capital of the Sidhes, the heros continued north.

On the way, Cale stopped at the tower of the mages and picked up Grand Master Flash in his apartments. Then they did another halt at the country farm of her Grand Mother. She told them some children stories about the Mandragores.

" Long time ago, before the Sidhe became a people on this land, the forests were larger and covered most of the place. Each time the tried to settle, the Mandragores came from the forest, and controlled the trees to grow and destroy the houses. The First high lord formed a regiment and they raided to the dark forest, to the city of the Mandragores. Most of hig guard never came back, only the High lord. He told that the tree creatures were defeated but never said how. Since the tree were cut and the Sidhe forest shrinked, but the large forest of the north is still forbidden, and dark."


They also heard the news of peace in the South, and the fact that the Goliath finished the mourning of their prince, and pardon the Troll Khan (Derek Barca), and that in exchange he convince the trolls to make peace. This troubled the team, as Derek was here with them, so an usurper had taken it's role, could it be linked to the ritual in the Krak of the Goliaths ?


The Heroes decided to continue north : Pinky Sprocket the gnome, Derek the troll, Cale the Sidhe and Grand Master Flash the bewitcher.

In the wood they got lost, had to pass over deeps, and were harassed by giant insects that were distracted by Pinky's illusions.

They felt in a trap on the stairs of the old city, covered by root and plants. Wooden javelines felt on them, and 3 wolves surrounded them, while a strange archer figure with a bow pointed fire arrow at them. They fought the wolves while Cale was trying to befuddle their opponent with magic. Then Flash tried to convince him that him and the others were not the "monsters or brought them here" as he said. Once calmed down the fight stopped, but the poor person was confused and was also mad from isolation. This was Lorin the last of the rangers guarding the forest, heir of a long lineage of the elite guard.

The city was covered with moss, but many old sculptures showed the root creatures that lived here. They seemed to bound with plants, but mentions were also made of a schism and of some Mandragores who bounded with animals, and were exiled. The legend Lorin said explained how they were defeated, they used one of them weapons against them.  On the top were 2 shrines that Lorin was keeping. The first one had a staff on an altar, this was the object the Mandragores used to reveal the deviants who created offspring from animals, and reveal their true form.

At that moment, Grand master flash too the staff to look at it, then cast a portal spell, and jumped out of here. "So long suckers". Suprised by this betrayal, they couldn't stop him, only Cale had the time to jump in the portal before it closed.

In a library room of the Sidhe palace Flash and Cale stand up and started to fight, as Flash refreshed his magic, Cale stabbed him to death. Then hide the body, and used the staff on him.. he turned into a form of an humanoid made of roots with nose and long fingers. Then the climbed out of the place while other Sidhe came, including the Justice Adjudicator. Then used a message spell to inform Pinky.

Still in the forest, the astonished Troll and the Gnome explored the second shrine, it contained a wheel with a dark water. The water is deadly to plants and Mandragores, and the rangers used it to eradicate them.


Secret for Pinky: Testing the water of the fountain 

As per the stories of Lorin, the water is supposed to kill the Mandragores, their plants offspring and their spawns.

You tested on plants, they do die at it’s contact. But when you put a drop on your skin, it burned you.

Now you wonder.


Secret for Derek : The madness of Lorin

After listening to the mad Sidhe ranger talking to his wolves, you heard some pieces.

He said that his companion were crazy or monsters, but “ My wolves, I only can trust you”.

His logic was that “the fountain water burned them, so they were not to be trusted”.

Lorin killed them all, and throw the bodies in the bottom of the fountain.

News : Peace

Since the end of the war, the civilized people are unified behind the Sidhe High lord Trajan.

The Goliaths were able to see beyond their grief and mercy the Khan of the Trolls.

The Khan of the trolls asked them to stop the fight and to make peace with all the other races.

For the first time in a long time the peace is near.

Long rest in the Caravan
Episode 3 : Where we learned that trolls can dance

After flying from the Krak of the goliath, and the heterogeneous group with a fugitive Troll, decided to stay away from the main cities.

Going North, they found a caravan of Humans Gypsies led by Annabella, and old witch from the continent of Lost Cleveland. After observing them around their campfire, Cale reported that they were not dangerous, and Anarinia convinced them to accept them. Pinkie showed then fireworks  powders in the fire, and Derek danced for them. Once the ice was broken, they mangled.

For several weeks they stayed with them, traveling north, participated to the rehearsals, getting costumes, and acting on the stage for the representations on the villages and fairs.

They learned that this family of humans came from the other continent "Lost Cleveland" that sunk, and they came here in their boats. Then build their colorful carts and caravan with the wood of the boats and the sails. 


System :

As the players did a "long rest" while in the caravan, they all got advancement.

But in the same time the adversity progressed :





Inside the Cave of Shadows
Episode 2 : Where things started to get confusing

After a ling week of travel, the party arrived on the flank of the mountain where the Krak of the Goliath was built.

There were a Watchtower post with a caravanserail down the mountain, for the trade and to prevent the non Goliath to access their sacred mountain. In this place, a young Sidhe Cale noticed the party and went to explore their cart. To be discovered by Pinkie an old acquaintance.


And they decided to run away North to the Forests of the Sidhe.



The journey to the Krak
Episode 1 : where the prisoner has to be transported

The night of the battle, the victors had a parade in the city.

The soldiers walked in the streets, the leaders opening the way in a carriage with the Sidhe High Lord.  A procession carrying the body of Grison the Goliath Dauphin Prince, and a line of trolls prisoners chained with Barca their Khan.

Once arrived in a luxurious Sidhe embassy villa, a party took place, each told stories of the battle.

  • How Pinkie and the gnome cannon shoot on the Trolls charging.
  • How the human archer … shot the Trolls and the mount of Barca.
  • How the GrandMaster Flash saved the life of the High Lord.
  • How Barca and Grison fought and Grison lost.

Then the chained prisoner was brought in the middle of the scene, and the High Lord asked the Justice Adjudicator to kill him as punishment of crime against the Civilized world.

However Lord Quarts interjected that the Troll Khan should be judge by the Goliath, as he killed their Prince. And requested the prisoner to be brought to the Krak of the Goliath to wait for the end of the mourning period before being judged. As an example was requested, GrandMaster flash offered to turn the troll into an Auroch, or an animal, but instead the Justice Adjudicator stand up and cut a handler of the Troll.

A party of 3 was designated to carry the prisoner to the Krak of the Goliaths, and a laissez-passer document was issues, as the destination is a Sanctuary. The Guards will be of all races : GrandMaster Flash the Sidhe, Pinkie the Gnome, … the human.

The next morning they took a cart and left for the North-East for their journey. 


The Battle of the 7th Hills
Episode 0 : Where all started

The Growing in population of the Civilized races has been pushing the savage tribes away from their lands.

In the South the Prosperous Gnome city of the 7th Hills had to extend its boundaries to absorb the mass of Humans refugees, and turn the land around in more farms and paddy fields to provide food to all.

The nomadic Troll Tribes didn't like to loose their traditional prairies, for their herds. And got event more pushed against the Goblins territories. To protest and claim back their lands, they raided the region, then united in a force to attack the City.

The Gnomes and their Mayor Randalf the 3rd call for help from their fellow allies. The Goliaths sent their small but strong units to defend the city lead by the Prince Dauphin Grison. The Sidhe and the High Lord sent their best legions to hold the walls. The Humans gipsies had no choice than to fight to defend their tent campments outside of the walls, or get in side.

During the battle, the Troll Khan Barca fought the Dauphin Prince Grison. The mount of Barca was shot down by …. and finished on feet against the Goliath. The Goliath was killed, but Barca was captured.

The Trolls routed after loosing their Khan, and the Sidhe saved the day.





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