DragonDePoche- The Revolt of the Trolls

The Battle of the 7th Hills

Episode 0 : Where all started

The Growing in population of the Civilized races has been pushing the savage tribes away from their lands.

In the South the Prosperous Gnome city of the 7th Hills had to extend its boundaries to absorb the mass of Humans refugees, and turn the land around in more farms and paddy fields to provide food to all.

The nomadic Troll Tribes didn't like to loose their traditional prairies, for their herds. And got event more pushed against the Goblins territories. To protest and claim back their lands, they raided the region, then united in a force to attack the City.

The Gnomes and their Mayor Randalf the 3rd call for help from their fellow allies. The Goliaths sent their small but strong units to defend the city lead by the Prince Dauphin Grison. The Sidhe and the High Lord sent their best legions to hold the walls. The Humans gipsies had no choice than to fight to defend their tent campments outside of the walls, or get in side.

During the battle, the Troll Khan Barca fought the Dauphin Prince Grison. The mount of Barca was shot down by …. and finished on feet against the Goliath. The Goliath was killed, but Barca was captured.

The Trolls routed after loosing their Khan, and the Sidhe saved the day.






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